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Scientific and Lean Approach to turn Your Vision into Success

We will work together with you to build strategies for a conversion focused website, Marketing and SEO. We follow a lean and agile data driven progress verifiable method for our projects which have been proven to increase sales by various Academic Studies as well as our Case Studies. Join us and Let's grow together.
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We Build

We will build a High Quality Conversion Focused website and Progressive web mobile app for your business with Your Vision . Check our Portfolio Below.

We Strategize

Our business consultants will work with you to analyze your competition statistically and develop a data driven model to beat and measure progress.

We Market

We provide An Ultimate Data driven SEO, Online Advertising and Content brand awareness Service with quantifiable measurable progress reports to beat your competition and grow your business with your Vision.

We Optimize

A growing company require quantifiable result measurements and continuous optimizations on website and marketing to keep growing rapidly. Our experts will work with you to optimize your business continuously to ensure a rapid and sustainable growth.

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Our Services

We build websites depending on your needs and store’s Vision.


We work on Shopify, WordPress woocommerce and many other CMS platforms to create you a conversion focused SEO optimized store for your brand.


We don’t just build websites we also equip them with technologies that would help you beat your competition and grow your business.


” Data is the new Oil” If we can harness data correctly we can re-target better and increase sales. The store would equip features like artificial intelligence ( AI) product recommendation. AI up-sell, AI cross-sell etc. which have proven to increase Sales.


We will also build a progressive web mobile app for your store, which is powerful new generation of mobile apps which has shown to improve sales and customer retention for many E-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Flipkart etc through Push Notifications.

If your business has a website already, we can equip your website with artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning technologies.


These technologies can be used for –

  1. AI based Products and service reccomendation
  2. AI powered customer support system
  3.  AI powered search results
  4. AI cross-sell of Products and servies
  5. AI upsell of Products and services

These features utilize machine learning and AI . They have shown to increase up to 50% in revenue increase with the businesses we work with.


” Data is the new Oil” If we can harness data correctly we can re-target better and increase sales. Bigger e-commerce companies like amazon, alibaba. netflix etc. use these technologies and it has worked fantastically for them.


Upgrade your website with Artificial intelligence now.We give a full 15 days no questions asked refund if you do not feel the upgrade is helping your website after our set up.

What is  Progressive web Mobile app?


Progressive web mobile app is the hot new technology by google. It’s a new generation of mobile apps that many big e-commerce websites like alibaba, flipkart etc. has used and seen tremendous growth and re-targeting. It’s just like traditional mobile apps but it comes with various advantages comparatively.


Advantages of Progressive web mobile apps (PWA) ?

  1. PWAs are becoming absolutely necessary for SEO. Google raises websites with PWAs significantly higher the websites that don’t have it.
  2. Push notifications by PWAs has shown to increase repeat customers and sales by as much as 70%.
  3. PWAs only take few 100 kbs of space in the phone (Traditional apps take on average of 30 mbs)
  4. PWAs can work offline.
  5. PWAs run on cloud and they don’t need to be updated like traditional apps.
  6. PWAs work irrespective on phone’s operating system. They will work on IOS, Android and every other mobile Operating system.
  7. PWAs can be downloaded from your website directly or the app store.
  8. PWAs are a lot cheaper to build and maintain than traditional apps.

Upgrade your website with Progressive web mobile app now, we provide full no questions asked 15 days refund after our set up if you are not happy with the upgrade.

Our team has got great results for our clients with Onine ads.Depending on where your customers are and what product and services you are selling, you may require google, facebook, twitter,youtube, pinterest or insta ads or a combination of them. 


Google Ads work best for businesses that people search for on google e.g – Attorney’s office, while Facebook ads would work best for companies like a vet’s clinic to get customers. Instagram ads works best for the products and services that has a younger audience.


Keeping these things in mind, we will create a strategy for your business depending on what would help to grow your business.

A proper SEO and online marketing strategy is critical for businesses to get in front of their audience and build their Brand. It includes –

  1.  A full SEO strategy – smart keyword targeting, back-link building and comprehensive SEO optimization to build site authority and rank well in google.
  2. AI automation for email marketing
  3. A content blogging strategy to create compelling helpful content which would drive sales ( STORY SELLS!) .
  4. Social media marketing in the platforms where your audience is at to build brand and increase sales.

Our experts will build a proper strategy with measurable goals and take care of all these things for you so you can focus on running your business.

Our process

We are a full online Solution for businesses. We design, market and support brands for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Get a Free consultation with our expert now.
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    Work with you and Build a data driven road-map development and marketing strategy to grow your business.

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    Develop an Artificial intelligence Powered Conversion focused Website for your brand.

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    SEO, Google and social media ads and content marketing based on a full on data driven competitor research.

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    Progressive and Continued optimized iteration of your brand strategy to keep growing rapidly.

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Case Study - 'CosBlah'

One of our clients that we have been working with is a well known Pioneers of Korean Beauty Brands on Ebay and Amazon- 'CosBlah' . We built their store '' from Scratch on Shopify with a Conversion Focused Design Powered with artificial intelligence and other data driven technologies that has set them for a rapid growth that they follow. There are many just like CosBlah who work with us for a new era of growth driven by data driven technology.
CosBlah Project Image

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